This Year: 2018 Review

2018 is coming to a close and I haven’t scheduled a book review post for the end of this year so a recap will suffice.

This year has brought many challenges and obstacles, but also achievements and opportunities I didn’t foresee in 2017. I have made major improvements in my health, social and personal life and I have become a University Graduate! That was probably the highlight of this year, alongside my birthday celebrations. During my three years at University I had many ups and downs, but a key turning point for me was starting this blog in 2016. When I first began blogging, I had a small site on Tumblr that fell into disuse after a while. But after regaining my confidence in writing during the summer of 2016 I began taking photos for the blog and really investing in its upkeep.

This led to the creation of the blog I have now and under its previous name I began writing travel blogs and book reviews almost monthly. By the beginning of 2018 I had become so busy with University work I had cut down on the frequency of writing I did online and instead I began journaling as often as I could. Regular journaling, alongside socialising and listening to music improved my mental health and well-being tenfold. After a few months I decided to take a break to celebrate my birthday and also make professional decisions about the future. Upon reflection, I feel that I could’ve incorporated more personal updates into the blog to document my achievements, such as graduating.

Looking forward, I hope to continue with this blog, doing book reviews and updates. However, I feel that I would like to start reviewing more modern books in my reviews and also branching out into film reviews as well. This will be an incredibly exciting update that will allow me to diversify my blog. In addition to this, I’ll be making the reviews longer and with a better format, rather than a general overview of the books/films.

Happy New Year to all when it comes and enjoy the celebrations 🎉

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